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Country: Canada

University: University Of Alberta

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Principles and development of perception, motivation, learning, and thinking, as well as their connection to individual psychological functioning. 3 (fi 6) (any term, 3-0-1/4) Serving as a study participant is the most common way to get the 1/4 laboratory credit, although it may also be earned by completing other tasks. PSYCO 105 is usually taken after this course since it is a requirement for all other courses in the department. [Scientific Faculty]


University of Alberta
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Frank Rowell
Frank Rowell
21:45 11 Dec 21
It was great the staff were helpful. The doctor was clear in in his diagnosis the food was adequate. Although I never... want to see chicken or pork loin againread more
Amber Murray
Amber Murray
04:00 05 Dec 21
All of the staff were incredibly caring and helpful during my recent hospitalization. I am so very grateful to be home... with my family thanks to the amazing care of everyoneread more
Jason Menchenton
Jason Menchenton
21:59 03 Dec 21
So grateful to have such a wonderful group of people, who care so much!!They give the best care around! Highly... recommended indeed!read more
Rob Cross
Rob Cross
22:05 24 Oct 21
The quality of the education here is getting worse. Why? They're diverting away from textbooks, expect students to... learn from places like YouTube instead.Textbooks include exercises for students to learn with. YouTube doesn't. Now they expect students to learn topics like math without having exercises to practice with.Without textbooks, students aren't LEARNING the materials well enough. So they artificially increase students' grades. Like adjust midterm weights to put more weight on whichever midterms students score best at. Or have 3 exams and only count the 2 higher grade ones. Making it so grades don't truly reflect how well students know the materials.In my experience, diverting away from textbooks is making the quality of their education more
K M Boyd
K M Boyd
03:43 16 Oct 21
The 5th floor staff are very good people who actually care for their patients physically and mentally. They do a... amazing job and I felt relaxed leaving for the night knowing he was well looked after.I would have given 5 stars but our experience in the emergency department was far from professional at timesread more
Inge Hendricks
Inge Hendricks
00:51 14 Oct 21
I went to get a PET and stress test. The staff were all very kind and helpful explaining the procedures. I was really... surprised at how efficient and on time it all went. The scan and then the stress test. I expected to have to get on a treadmill, but no, it was done with an IV Injection of a medication that increased the blood flow to the heart, with possible side effects, shortness of breath, chest pain and headache. I had all 3. Then an IV antidote which relieved all side effects almost instantly. more
Michel Cote
Michel Cote
18:23 13 Sep 21
Great, I went to the emergency, I bit of a lengthy wait. But staff was handling all the visitors in an efficient... manner. Excellent more
frank laurie
frank laurie
01:06 28 Aug 21
Clean yet a bit confusing because of the covid protocol. Yet the staff was nice and parking was easy to figure out. All... in all a pretty good more
Erin June
Erin June
14:59 15 Aug 21
Navigated the campus via wheelchair for Pokemon Community day and was very thankful to have help being pushed because... there were a plethora of uneven surfaces, poorly marked paths for universal access and other barriers to enjoyment of the space as a person with mobility issues ( i.e. sidewalks that started with a friendly curb on one side of the designated pedestrian crossing, but at the other was a fifteen centimeter curb blocking the ease of passage; Cracks in pavement perilously affect the safety of wheelchair users, and this campus is rife with them)The campus buildings were shuttered for summer, so am unable to comment on the accessibility of those spaces.Note: for the able-bodied, this rating is 4 starsread more
Kathy Gadacz-Gould
Kathy Gadacz-Gould
01:43 13 Aug 21
I worked for the UofA and it was an excellent organization to work for. Prior to that, I was a student and now my son... is a student! I would recommend this institution to anyone looking to more
Theo De Leon
Theo De Leon
00:26 06 Aug 21
The nurses and everyone else at Canada Blood services were terrific. Very helpful and made the donation process a very... easy experience.They also have tons of snacks, drinks and delectable cookiesread more
Mahdi Miganeh
Mahdi Miganeh
23:12 26 Jul 21
School is great. I worked with the maintenance crew for a couple of months before lay off (government elections froze... department cost centres). Great group of guys that maintain this campus. I would go back in a more
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