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Business Communications

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Project Management

A software development life cycle is the process through which high-quality software is created or developed. It covers several stages that facilitate an all-around and effective task accomplishment. The first stage of the whole process is the planning stage, where the initial feasibility is undertaken. The phase includes clearly defining the problem and effectively stating the objectives of the system they intend to design. The process also covers developing an effective cycle for the coming processes and securing the resources required to accomplish the plan. Effective business communication is critical to the successful implementation of any plans.

The analysis stage is what follows, and this primarily includes the process of defining the prototype system. The process also considers evaluating the available prototypes and determining the user’s specific needs (Altvater, 2021). The design stage follows, and this comes with outlining the details of items such as the user interface, network and network requirements, and databases. These items will form the inner core of the system and often determine the success or failure of the system when it is applied. The design process needs to incorporate the needs of many different participants and the usability of the final system by an organization.

The development stage follows, and this is the stage where developers write the code to build the application or software that is needed. The use of the specification agreed on before is very important as it helps guarantee that the final product meets the client’s specifications and requirements. The process is then followed by the testing phase, where the developers must test the software and check for any bugs. The process calls for fixing bugs discovered and then retesting the software to guarantee it works as intended.

The implementations stage then follows, where the software can then be put together and integrated with the users’ needs. Integration with the primary source code also occurs in this stage, helps guarantee effective operations, and increases the ability to detect errors and defects (Preston, 2021). Once the software reaches the market, it is essential to continue with the maintenance of various features. It is also essential to have regular updates that can help the developers to deal with the upcoming issues and new threats that develop while the system is operational. If the client requires any changes after the system is deployed, the developers must make such changes as necessary.

The agile model is a software development model that is based on interactive development. An interaction involves having a team go through an entire software development cycle and completing various processes. The notable critical item of such a system is how it breaks the development into smaller interactions and how these smaller items operate independently. There is minimal or no long-term planning involved, and the period of various interactions and number of those activities is defined clearly in the planning stage. Many software developers have preferred the method as it helps them manage their projects effectively and provides them with the necessary tools to accomplish their plans.


Marketing is the action of businesses promoting and selling their goods and services. The process includes business to consumer marketing, where goods are marketed to the various final consumers that may use them or business to business marketing. The process can take many forms and channels, and the marketers often decide which one to use based on the most effective or attractive to the final consumer. The industry is closely related to advertising and public relations, and there is a constant need to create a way of effectively undertaking such activities.

The marketing mix is one of the most critical aspects of marketing that each marketer needs to consider before selling their goods and services. The product is the first consideration, and it relates to the actual product or services and how it relates to the needs of wants a person may have during various instances (Akgun et al., 2017). The product’s pricing is the second consideration. It checks the money, time, energy, and even attention consumers have to sacrifice in acquiring the product or service. One has to consider the cost that a customer has to pay, whether monetary or not.

The place refers to how the product gets to the customer and the distribution channels that are utilized. Determining the most appropriate distribution channels can help a company increase the number of people accessing its products and services. It can also help facilitate an increase in sales. Items such as online retail or physical retail and geographical reach are all considered. Lastly, there is the promotion which helps check the modes of marketing that are most appropriate and that can help increase the effectiveness of the marketing that will be undertaken.

Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising is the marketing communication process that employs a sponsored message to consumers to promote a product or service. The industry started small in the 19th century and saw considerable gains in the 20th century. Currently, advertising is a constant feature as many companies and businesses compete for the same consumers from all across the world (Munsch, 2021). The use of many different channels of communication such as television, radio, newspapers and social media all play a role in determining the effectiveness of getting the message to the intended consumers.

Public relation is a process of building mutually beneficial relationships with the public through strategic communication. The process is used by businesses to help develop good relationships with their consumers or the community in their area of operations. The process is controlled internally by a company, and the messages sent out are well designed and have a specific goal that it intends to achieve through communication. Public relations have grown to become highly specialized activities, and there are even firms hired to [provide these services and help companies meet their goals.

Globalization has played a critical role in shaping today’s advertising and public relations. Companies often have to deal with the local markets in which they operate and the international market. These considerations mean that the advertising often has to consider different languages and cultures that their target audience practices. Public relations and advertising play a huge role in helping companies become successful globally and retain their market share in various places despite the high level of competition.


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